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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we hear the most! We hope these answers help! If you have other questions not answered below, feel free to fill out a contact form with your question or call us at 877-994-3810.

No! We own and operate our own Independent network made entirely of fiber optics. We bring that network to your home or business and then run new data cable to a router location of your choice.

No! We do not limit your use each month or slow you down when you use a lot. Use all you want and Enjoy the Speed and Freedom of Fiber-Fast Internet by Locality Networks!

Yes! We have home and business phone service with measured or unlimited calling plans and you can keep that number you have had for so many years! Our service includes many features that other companies charge extra for or just don't have!

Yes! We can help you find and setup the right streaming service to fit your TV needs and save you some money in the process! We also sell and Install Digital antennas to watch 50+ local channels in crystal clear high definition without a monthly payment!

Yes! With Fiber Internet data is transported across the cable by lasers moving at the speed of light! Many other internet services have fiber somewhere in their network but they only use it to move data to your town or to your neighborhood and then move your data across old copper lines or old cable tv coax to your home, but our services are transported across fiber all the way to your home, there is nothing faster or more reliable!

Yes! Currently the Installation fee is $149.95 for standard overhead installs not to exceed 200' from the right of way. This includes all the labor and equipment to enjoy super fast fiber internet in your home!

No! We do not use modems and a dual band router is included for your use as along as you have our service. if you have a router you like better you are free to use yours or you can purchase a small business or gaming router in our store and we will install it for free at the time of the install!

No! Though we are susceptible to storm damage like any network. Our network is fairly new and fiber optics is not affected by moisture the way old fashioned cable TV or telephone networks are. We are fortunate to have very few issues and pride ourselves on swift response when we do.

Yes! We have great packages for businesses of all sizes! just fill out a contact form or Call 1-877-994-3810 and one of our team will help find the solution that's right for your business!

We are always looking to bring our services to those who need it. If we do not serve your area now, you can submit your info to the interest list as we consider all such requests when we are planning service area expansion. We appreciate your patience!

Yes! Many games rely heavily on latency or ping times. This is the amount of time it takes to get from you to the corresponding server on the web and back. No network has lower latency than an all Fiber Network! Get the Fiber Advantage with Locality Networks!

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